Tunetastic Legacy

It's that time of year again... time for our friends to get together, let our inhibitions go, get our creativity flowing and create our annual Christmas Music Videos at our Tunetastic party!

This year marks our 5th year and a return to our boys and girls separate videos. There's just something fun about the surprise of watching what the other group has created at the end.  If you want to read the details of our Tunetastic Tradition you can check it out here (and watch last year's video).

I'm very thankful to have such outgoing and fun friends. They're a hoot ;)

It's really interesting to go back over the previous years' videos and watch how our families and lives have changed. Back in 2008, 3 of the 4 kids there were under a year old. Now they are almost 5 with multiple siblings to boot and the young kidless ones of the group have added their own precious babes.

My kids already absolutely love to watch these videos (over and over and over and over) again and I'm excited for the collection that they'll have as they grow and for the day when we can hand them their own video camera and let them have at it. Good times.

Here are the links to youtube if you want to check them out!

Girls: Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

Boys: I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas - Gayle Peevey

Merry Christmas!


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