Pincomplished! | Puppy Book Art

I pinned a picture of a cute little dalmatian puppy that was originally from My friend Alicia pinned it with the idea that it would be a cute Kinder project and she was right!

I love love love anything made with book pages.

So whilst the kids played and I browned the ground beef for soup I pulled out an old Cherry Ames Student Nurse novel (from 1943), ripped out a few pages and prepped a little puppy activity for the kids.

The boy one had to cut out all the shapes that I had pre-drawn except he free handed the spots. He then glued and placed them all.

The girl one had pre cut pieces and I put glue on her page and she placed them all. She also added an extra ear - puppies must be able to hear well!

Super simple and adorably cute! Had I been patient enough to make this into a full "Puppy" lesson I would have used the Handwriting Worksheets website to create my own letter tracing sheets that would say "Puppy" and "Dog" to work on letter formation and would have made a cute little activity out of counting the puppy's spots.

See - Art, Language Arts, and Math all in one!

Oh wait .... always google first! Here is a "Count the Dalmatian's Spots" printable already made! Woot!

I guess tomorrow we'll follow up to our art activity with the rest :)


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