A Girl and Her Bear...

Over Easter we had one nice weather day and so we spent every minute of it outside. The girl one absolutely adores her stuffed bear "Bear" and doesn't go anywhere without him. I've been wanting to do a little photo session of the two of them and A Girl, Her Bear and the Woods seemed a good fit. 

I love that they will have memories of being at Gma and Gpa's house traipsing through the woods...

The boy one - so handsome.

The boy one is a little harder to catch on film since he's often a blur even to the naked eye but if you'll notice he always has a car of some sort in his hand. This weekend he was attached to a police motorcycle from the gparents. It did not leave his hand. He's never been one for stuffed animals but he brings a car with him to sleep every night.


I asked Hanny to set Bear up for a picture and to help Bear say "cheese" for the camera. After this she came behind me to get Bear to look at the camera and smile. She's a good mom.

We'll be hanging a portrait of Bear in the kids' new room.

Fun exploring with Daddy!

Bear is an excellent subject. He cooperates so well. I hope Hanny gave him a treat!

Pretty sure she's on a pretend phone here.

I have a few more pics to grab of Bear and Han around our house and yard and then I'll be writing her a little book about her adventures with Bear. Stay tuned!


  1. Adorable.
    Such a good idea to capture these moments.
    I love that you'll make a book... sure to be a favorite, for life times.


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