Christmas Organizer DIY

I'm a regular follower of Ashley Anne's blog "Under the Sycamore" ( I stumbled across it this spring and have been hooked ever since. Last month she had a guest blogger that gave this cute DIY on how to create a Christmas Organizer.

Dani and I decided that we must make them and found time last week (ironically on the same night that my family carved pumpkins) to create these highly useful beauties. The planner includes tabs for "The List", "To Do", "Calendar", "Cards", and "Menu" and has envelopes for receipts and coupons. It's fabulous.

Mine is the far left, Dani's is the middle one and the right one is a gift :) Check out the link to make one yourself!

It puts me in the Christmas spirit just looking at it and I've already started filling out the "List" section :)


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