Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blink Photo | Karah!

Many weeks ago we ventured out to a little gravel road on a cloudy, windy day to capture some pics of Karah at the lovely age of 2. If you remember Karah, she does not love Auntie's camera. She is a master avoider :)

Cuddles with puppy and even avoiding you're still pretty stinking cute.

Not even the horsey could crack her.

Auntie Mo is acting like a fool, knocking puppy off her head and I REALLY want to smile but WON'T! lol.

Maybe if I play with my buttons I can regain my composure...

Break for big bro Naters. Easy Peasy. Love his squinty smile :)

Little Karah did not see my secret weapon coming... her friend Hannah and a bubble machine! Boo yah!

Ha ha. Love it.

Yay for Karah smiles!

Giggle. This one is so "her".

Oh Karah. So thankful we get to know you. Love all the sides of you and glad we could capture a bit of them all in these pics :)

~ Auntie Mo