DIY | Ruffle Headband + A Give Away!

One of my favourite headbands to make is the Pleated Ruffle headband. It's cute, versatile, and super easy to make! Those 3 combined make it one of my "go to" gifts.

  • 2.5" x 8" piece of fabric
  • Elastic headband (or plastic for older girls)
  • Buttons
  • Sewing machine/thread
  • Hot glue/gun
To get started cut your fabric 2.5 x 8 inches. Then sew a 0.5 inch seam all the way around.

 Next place your strip of fabric good side up on your machine and fold a piece of the fabric up into a pleat. Bring your presser foot down, sew over the pleat, keep needle in and then lift foot. While the foot is up fold another pleat up and repeat. Do this until you've achieved the length of ruffle you want or you get to the end of your material. If I want it shorter than the material I have left I just cut it and fold the end of material under and sew.

Next, take your headband and center the ruffle on the elastic. Sew right down the middle of the ruffle. Tip: I usually try to cover the "joining" part of the headband by the ruffle.

 Next it's time for embellishment. My favourite is buttons! Decide which end of the ruffle is the top and hot glue your buttons there. I recommend either 1 or 3. Stick to odd numbers, it looks better.

Done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

In the gift realm, they go perfectly with these bow holders. Take a picture frame, remove the glass, glue cute paper or fabric to the backing and then glue ribbon across it. Viola!

Because I think these cuties are so fun to make I'm going to do my first give away! If you'd like me to send you a Ruffle Pleated headband for your little girl, yourself or as a gift for someone else you can leave a comment for your chance to win.

 Because I dabble in so many things you have a few ways to enter AND you can enter on all of them for better chances :) Just leave a comment on any or all of the following pages telling me of a summer "happy" - something from your summer that just made you happy :)

  • here on the blog
  • my personal facebook page
  • ifamily facebook page
  • Blink Photography facebook page
  • Pink Lemonade facebook page
Oi - I need to consolidate pages!

Good luck!

Give Away open until 11:59pm Monday August 15.


  1. I love this headband! I would love to win this!
    Something that made me not just happy but overly happy this summer: I just found out that my mom surprised me and told me that she is moving here to Arizona in a month!!

  2. I just pinned this, I hope that is okay. It links back to your site :)

  3. I love spending time with my new baby! She's almost 5 months old, can't believe how time has flown by. These are soooo cute! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for the giveaway!


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