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RV Makeover | Introducing Hazel

Thank you so much to everyone who has left such encouraging words about our newly renovated trailer - Hazel! While I get tired of painting very quickly I really do love the design process that goes into creating a space like this. Our last trailer was a 1971, 18 foot Triple E named Elsie and we made so many great memories in her. She was bright and bold and a lot of fun. Hazel will hopefully take us on much longer journeys and so I wanted her to be an extension of our home that we can take with us. 
I've been asked so many questions and I want to cover as much as the process as I can in one post so strap in! lol. 

Hazel is a 2004 R-Vision Max Lite. To be honest, I've been in a lot of campers (my brother buys and sells campers and my parents and him and his wife had a trailer rental business so we've seen a lot) and I've never come across one of these! But, we had been casually searching for a very specific layout for several years and had a list of must haves and this gi…

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