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Story Prompt Activities

Being that Christmas is around the corner I am on high alert for any games, toys or resources that have open ended and long term play potential. If something is going to take up physical space in my home I want it to be 1) useful 2) beautiful 3) space efficient 4) able to be used in a variety of ways for a long time. I created these Whimsical Watercolour Story Cards with all of those things in mind. 
Often when we think of the English Language Arts our minds go first to reading and writing. There are however 6 strands to the ELA curriculum (at least in SK) and additionally include speaking, listening, viewing and representing. I love that using these cards we are able to hit almost all strands!
Let's get into a few fun ways you can use story cards in your home. 
1. Mystery Pile - deal 5 -6 cards face down in a pile. Have your child flip over the first card and start verbally telling a story with that first item. *They must include their item before someone flips their next card for t…

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