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Adventuring with Kids

I think children have an innate sense of adventure and left to their own devices will fill their days in ways that excite them. When I speak about "adventuring with children" I am more looking at the dynamics of partaking in activities that are adventurous for BOTH child and adult. That, for our family gets a little bit trickier and requires more intentionality. 
There is a difference for us between following our children around an amusement park lugging their snacks, waters and discarded coats and doing something we can all enjoy like paddle boarding along the river. Do I enjoy and count it a privilege to watch my kids find absolute delight on a kiddie roller coaster as I watch from the sidelines? Absolutely. But I do not want to spend all of my time with them as a spectator. I want to adventure with them. 
We've realized though that this requires a different sort of effort and mindset because I'm not sure if you've noticed but kids can be pretty self absorbed. 


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