Elsie | They Were Made for Her

I bolted to Sally Ann over the tall one's lunch break the other day to pick up this thing I thought my mom would like (I love that my Mom appreciates thrift store finds!) and I got a little sidetracked.  After grabbing what I needed I zipped over to the fabric/sheets/blankets area... I stalled. There was so much goodness to explore! I literally could have walked away with about 4 quilts and a couple of afgans. However, I restrained myself...

There was one quilt in particular that was just made for Elsie!

Hello teal + red! What a find!

This other one is also so great. It's a log cabin pattern (I think). I can't even fathom the amount of work this would take. It's most likely something I'll never attempt. The cutting alone would do me in. I'm pretty pumped that I could snag this one for all of $7. Notice the teal trim?

 I absolutely adore the randomness of all the fabrics used.

I also found this little gem for $1. It's small, maybe 2 x3 ish? I couldn't pass up the colours though and think it'd be a cool wall hanging in the kids room or a doll blanket for Hanny.

Check out the old school fairy tale illustrations on the back.

I'm pretty excited to have found some vintage quilts to adorn the beds in Elsie. She is looking a whole lot fresher today. Yesterday I fully cleaned, vacuumed and then bleached every surface in her. Today I hired a lovely past student of mine to come and babysit so I could work uninterrupted (it was fabulous). Elsie has been fully primed and has 2 1/2 coats of cream paint on "everything above the waist"! Woot woot - we're finally in the home stretch!


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