Blink Photo | Vintage Dreams Grad - Kristen Hudym

Of all the various sessions that I offer, I think shooting grads is my favourite. There's something about big dresses and fancy suits and putting them in unexpected locations that get my creative juices flowing. It's also so fun when I get to shoot a grad that I used to teach! This was the case with the lovely Miss Kristen Hudym... here are a few of my favourites from her session!

This was such a great shoot - Kristen and her family were up for anything and fully committed to my ideas without so much as a brow raised in questioning :) Even when that meant I was sending her up rickety ladders, perching her on the manure truck, and having her dad carry her across a ditch of mud so we could send her up a 6 foot ladder in a field!

It was a blast and I wish Kristen all the best in her future plans!



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