DIY | Freezer Paper Stenciled Doormat

A few weeks ago I pinned this door mat - it made me LOL. Literally, I laughed out loud. If something makes you laugh out loud you should probably own it. It looked pretty simple so I figured I could make it myself :)

I had also been wanting to try freezer paper stenciling as well so I decided to use it on the rug. I'm not sure if it's possible to buy freezer paper in a Canadian grocery store but I sure couldn't find any. Wax and parchment apparently don't work and you need a paper that's waxy only on one side. I scored a huge roll at Wal-mart in Minot.

What you'll need:
- freezer paper
- rug ($2 at Dollarama)
- black paint
- iron
- exacto knife

First I cut a piece of freezer paper big enough to cover my rug (they were pretty much the same width anyways) and I free-handed my text. I could have made it on the computer, printed it out and then traced it onto freezer paper but that seemed like a lot of work.

Next I put the paper on my handy new self healing cutting mat and cut out all the letters. Be careful not to throw away the circles for inside d's and a's and such. Label them and set them aside.

Now lay your paper over the rug and line up where you want your text to fall. Lightly iron the paper to the rug with a dry iron. Note: because the rug is essentially plastic fibres you need to go lightly and I recommend covering the exposed areas so you don't melt the carpet.

Once you have it "stuck" you can paint the exposed letters. I used a black fabric spray paint but I wouldn't spray it again next time. It wasted too much paint and I'm cheap. I'd spray on a plastic lid and then sponge if I used it again. Otherwise, I've recently read that you can actually use any acrylic crafters paint as "fabric paint". It will wear the same and be washable, it'll just likely be stiffer before its first wash.

Let the paint dry and then carefully peel away the paper and viola you have a cute little rug!

Now I know that this little rug could border on being "inappropriate" but I just think it's so darn funny. I'm loving it on my deck right now and I chuckle every time I walk over it :)


  1. Love it! Very funny and if I was visiting your doorstep, I would be on your porch laughing my butt off!

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