Moms and Tots Fishing Play Date

With the newfound revelation of accessible fishing 5 minutes from my house and kids who thankfully LOVE fishing - I pretty much could sit out there all day every day.

This morning us Moms decided to take all the kids out fishing :)

Hanner's and Karah getting our gear ready.

Nater's fishing for his first time ever! Woop! He's got a rocking Diego rod.

Kai is taking a bit of a snack break :)

 The girls much preferred the slippery silty slope to casting in the ridiculous wind. They got pretty grubby.

E trying to remove the hook my itty bitty Walleye swallowed.

Like we're talking swallowed - swallowed.

K - seriously. This hook is pretty much snagging on intestines!

The English One  has never fished before (though she has caught minnows with a butterfly net!)

Glue Sticks (aka Kym) taught her to cast. English liked to keep the rod high. E advised her to bring it down a bit - become one with the rod.

Casting wasn't getting her any nibbles so she took over my jig set up. She had 2 bites, even brought one up to the bank but no fish yet! B and N behind her were pulling in fish left right and center!

3rd ones a charm! English pulled in a nice size Jack Fish!

 Then English wanted a picture with said Jack Fish but was a little apprehensive to touch it.

There was much screaming and bolting and almost of peeing of pants. 

I have not laughed this hard in months if not years. Best first fish reaction ever.

She did it. She held her ugly slimy Jack (though threatened me with a friend break up if I let go).

It was a fabulous morning of firsts.

First fish for English.
First time fishing for Treg kidlets.
First of many Moms and Tots Fishing Playdates.


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