Oh no they didn't.... Oh yes they did.

There is on some days a tiny window of time between when the tall one leaves for work and when I venture down the stairs to greet the day and my littles who have already exuberantly begun their day an hour before. Today was such a day. I heard them giggling and running through the living rooms presumably racing their strollers (it’s pretty common). As I went to brush my teeth things started to get quiet. The silence didn’t sit particularly well with me but I tried to convince myself that they were just getting along and driving their dinky cars peacefully downstairs. I did venture to call down, “Kai! Whatcha you guys doing?”

“We’re playing!” he answered. Oh good, it was just as I thought. I came downstairs, sorely in need of a cup of coffee as my last coffee had left me wired until 1 am when we were then joined by two munchkins in our bed that resulted in me spending the rest of the night curled up at the foot of the bed. Apparently the King size bed means nothing to this family of giants.

The kids weren’t in the living room, I heard hushed voices in the kitchen. Ugh… this may not be good. I walked into the kitchen and in my foggy brain could not even compute what on earth was covering the kitchen floor. It slowly sunk in. The floor was covered in smeared margarine. It was every where and it was being flung around the kitchen by the boy one and they were both grasping chairs and “skating” on the greasy surface. “Look Mom – it’s slippery!”

I did the only thing I could manage at that point, sink into a chair, cover my face with my hands and cry… and say a few curse words in my head. Thankfully the tears impressed on my children that this was not a good choice and that they should be silent and do whatever I told them to do because I at that point could not coherently figure out a lecture or a lesson. “Sit down. Stay still.”

I cleaned the margarine that went up to their knees. “Go to the living room and do not talk to me until I have this cleaned up. Do not ask for one thing. “  Then I took pictures. A) for proof and B) because this will someday be a funny story, which it already apparently is based on the reactions from those I’ve told!

 It took me an hour to clean. It was everywhere. The boy one and I had a big long chat afterwards. So long that he kept trying “I’m done talking now.” Um…nice try. His mess took me an hour to clean up today so, they owe me an hour of cleaning. I’m thinking wiping down baseboards, doors, vacuuming and sweeping the deck. Oi. 


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