Golden Girls 30th Birthday Party

Tomorrow I will say Farewell to my 20's and enter the land of the 30's. I'm not sad about it, I'm excited. Age doesn't bother me. I absolutely love my life, I am blessed with an amazing family and friends, I feel comfortable in my own skin, and so I rejoice that I get to turn another year older.

Plus because I'm turning 30 I got to throw this sweet theme milestone party that I had seen on the blog Birthday Girl last year. I really wasn't going to throw another theme party this year but how could I not throw a Golden Girls party?!

I am truly blessed by such great friends. Besides being godly women who love their families and are committed to community, they always go along with my cockamamie ideas and throw themselves into it :)

Another thing I'm super thankful for is that my children slept for 4 hours SIMULTANEOUSLY! This allowed me to granny up my house a bit for the party :)

Mmm... table full of granny foods. Donuts, tarts, pie...

The party favours (which I forgot to give out!) In the bag are vintage postcards (like a grandma would save) and hard candies (they're better for our dentures). The tag has the Golden Girls theme song lyrics on it. "Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again. Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant." I thought it was fitting :)

 Now come the real goods - the costumes! Here is Miss Dani - a medical marvel really. 70 years old and almost 7 months pregnant!

I also love the afgans and doilies on the couches. They may just stay there for a while :)

Miss Kim. I wish the intensity of her blue eye shadow showed up a little better :)

Miss Mandie in the curlers and nightgown and Miss Meg with the curlers and fancy outfit!

Miss Brandie tricked out her Grandmother-in-laws old dress. Awesome.

Another medical marvel. Miss Stacy who just gave birth a couple of weeks ago.

The whole lot of us old Bitties.

Just realized I don't have individual pics of Erin or I... Oh well, there we are :)

Trust me... you don't even want to know... let's just say we could have used some Depends here.

Sigh... What a great night. These pictures make my heart happy :)

Thanks friends for blessing me with such a great evening of laughs!


  1. This seems like a party filled with so much fun! I really love your 30th birthday ideas and I'd love to feature them in my next blog post if you won't mind... Cheers and have fun!

    1. Thanks Marilyn - it was a blast! You are more than welcome to feature it in your blog post. Thank you and please also link back to my blog :)

  2. Wow, this golden girls 30th birthday bash was bang on. That first table photo is so nice. I am fond of such food and everything is present in front of my eyes, but unfortunately I can’t eat that. Well, I would be arranging such a bash soon at one of the venues in Los Angeles and there will be my favorite Mexican food.


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